What Makes Dr. Rhodes Different?

She empowers you to be who you really are

Why am I single?

It is a question I get all the time.  In the midst of trying to live a life, we forget that we are here for a life journey.  Our relationships are part of that journey and yet we do not see the lessons we need to learn on our path toward relationship happiness.  When our jobs, work schedules and habits take root, we can become lost. We cope by using dating as a tool of distraction aimed at increasing pleasure in a stressful world. We may say we are playing but we are not doing so with intention. When used to its extreme, mindless dating may actually interfere with our dreams. Fear may make an appearance and we become defensive about our dating choices. We may realize that we have been dating the same person. Or the wrong person. Over and over. We all reach a point where we want our inner life to match our outer life. We reach a day when it is no longer okay to use Tinder for personal validation following the latest breakup.

Dr. Rhodes is here to help bring you into alignment so you may manifest the relationship of your dreams.

Karmic Relationships Wear Us Out

Rapport does not believe that the problem in modern dating lies in the quantity of singles. On the contrary, there are more single men and women than ever before. Choice always brings consequences. Now that we all have choice, we have to be more mindful about what we want but we also have to be mindful of why people are showing up in our lives NOW.

Karmic relationships show up to teach us lessons.  Some of them are really difficult lessons and may cross over to abusive.  Relationships with narcissists or other unpleasant personalities are a sign that there is some karmic work that needs to be done on your part to clear the energy.  So often the work that needs to be done is find our voice and disavow the conditioning of our family and our culture so we can end up with the right tribe of people.  Most of us are completely unaware of how much we are controlled by the energy of other people.  Taking back this power and finding your authentic voice is the first step to taking back control of your personal life.

What Dr. Rhodes does best is help you bring alignment to your mind, body, and soul.  Dr. Rhodes strongly believes that if you walk the path of who you really are, the right people show up without the need to manipulate your online dating profile. Meeting others in real life is the future of the industry.

What Qualifications Make Dr. Rhodes Different?

Dr. Rhodes is a licensed psychologist who has lived and studied in four US cities and in Beijing, China.  She brings an understanding of modern psychology from both an academic and practical perspectives.  She is trained in Compassion Focused Psychotherapy and uses relational models to work with her clients (including attachment theory).  Dr. Rhodes is also an intuitive and combines traditional psychology work with intuitive guidance to help empower clients to grow their intuition in ways that will be helpful in better handling all their relationships. She specifically uses angel and tarot cards as well as crystals in her sessions to better help her clients move beyond the limitations of their mind.

Dr. Rhodes also has yoga and meditation training from ISHTA yoga which provides a unique spiritual understanding to her work as a psychologist.

If you are looking for someone who has more creative solutions for your persona life, Dr. Rhodes may be an excellent fit! 


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