What Makes Rapport Different?

We are like the Olivia Pope for your Dating Life

We are not just a dating company. We are lifestyle experts who help turn your dreams into realities.

At a young age, all of us had a vision for how we wanted our life to turn out. Some of us focused on a career, some on a personal life and others on the full package. As we get older, life takes us away from our playful visions. Do you remember what you wanted at 15? 25? 35? It is common to feel off track.

When our jobs, work schedules and habits take root, we can become lost. We often use dating as a tool of distraction aimed at increasing pleasure in a stressful world. We may say we are playing but we are not doing so with intention. When used to its extreme, mindless dating may actually interfere with our dreams. Fear may make an appearance and we become defensive about our dating choices. We may realize that we have been dating the same person. Or the wrong person. Over and over. We all reach a point where we want our inner life to match our outer life. We reach a day when it is no longer okay to use Tinder for personal validation following the latest breakup.

We realize we want a real relationship.

Rapport does not believe that the problem in modern dating lies in the quantity of singles. On the contrary, there are more single men and women than ever before. Choice always brings consequences. Now that we all have choice, we have to be more mindful about what we want. That’s where Rapport comes in.

Rapport crafts interventions to help you develop your dating story. Rather than getting upset that people lie on their dating profiles, we help you say “so what” and support you in your excitement to explore who that person may actually be. When you go on a bad date, we help you find the key lesson as a way to craft a story that shows how charming you really are. When you feel like your mojo is gone, we help you get it back. Nothing to wear? We teach you how to use your image to attract what you’re looking for! Rapport helps you develop your plan of action so that you can benefit from the numerous options there are. We help you learn the skills you need to screen potential suitors yourself. Rapport helps you decide what type of dating service is appropriate for you, and helps get you ready to interact with the vast number of options presented by the dating industry.

Some of us take dating too seriously and others not seriously enough. Either way, Rapport helps you on your journey toward making the world a better place, one relationship at a time. Let us help you Olivia Pope your dating life.

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