Some people find the love of their lives easily. They often marry at an average age and have had little trouble making that commitment.

That is obviously not the only pathway to relationship success and happiness.

In today’s modern world, the options of how to meet someone have grown exponentially. The in person, online and curated services can make someone feel that the dating industry has gotten worse than the weight loss industry. You have many, many options and finding the option for you can be difficult.

What is a Dating Strategy?

A dating strategy is an action plan that is created in consultation with an expert in the dating industry. It is this person’s job to listen to what you are looking for, help you refine you wishes and needs and make a recommendation of how to find that person. The goodness of fit between someone’s dating strategies can mean the difference between finding a long term relationship and burn out.

In my experience, people who are frustrated with dating have approached the entire process without a strategy. You can go out with lots of people you find online but if you do not know what you want, all you are doing is dating for numbers and not for quality. You may also be presenting yourself in a manner that is attracting the wrong type of person to you.

A Dating Strategy is Empowering

No one single online dating site or matchmaker is going to make the search for your amazing soulmate significantly easier. That depends entirely on your own mindset and whether you are really ready to meet someone now. Your dating strategy may need to build in some dating detox time or personal development to help you get ready to meet the right person. The good news is that much of the getting ready for dating part is entirely in your control. While we cannot control if someone likes us or chooses us, we can choose to make ourselves as ready and available as possible for that person.

Like a Website your Dating Strategy may Change over Time

The good news is that if you use your dating strategy now, get into a relationship, and have new goals or desires if you return to the singles market, you simply need to edit your original dating strategy. Similar to a business plan, you will learn how to keep track of your personal data so that you can tell if your personal life is moving in the right direction. This also helps to decrease frustration and negative thoughts over time and increases the likelihood that you will enjoy the dating process.

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