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VIP Services

You may not live in New York or San Francisco but that does not mean you cannot experience an in person consultation with Dr. Rhodes. After a virtual dating strategy session, Dr. Rhodes will work with you to craft a VIP experience in your hometown. Dr. Rhodes and her team will travel to you for an intensive one, three, or five day strategy session and help you craft your dating plan in your local environment. Prices vary depending on location and international clients are welcome. Examples of VIP services are below.

Rapport Report

In person services means that Dr. Rhodes and her team can see you in action. You may be missing opportunities at every point of your day. Let us help you see what your options are while we complete your Rapport Report in your hometown.

Event Consultation

When you are busy, you may not know what is going on in your hometown. You probably also do not know where to find your match. After we complete your Rapport Report, let our event consultants help you learn more about options in your hometown and help you develop the professional relationships necessary to always have an active love life.

Matchmaking Consultation

Rapport maintains relationships with matchmakers all over the world. Many clients have become frustrated with the matchmaking process. Let us connect you with reputable matchmakers and allow us to handle the details of the process. With an advocate in your corner, your experience is likely to prove superior.

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