Have you ever been to a holiday party where you were asked where your date was only to have to admit you didn’t have one?

The holidays can be a time when family members and other loved often over inquire about someone’s dating status. It can lead to awkward moments and often be a mood killer. So how do you actually enjoy yourself during the holiday season while not feeling like the seventh wheel at every dinner, cocktail party or office shindig when you arrive solo?

Think of every invitation is an opportunity.

Treat the holiday season as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. If you are interested in dating, be sure to tell everyone that you are looking and willing to be introduced. Many people are in a giving mood and may be more likely to make a connection during the holiday season than at another time of the year. Best of all, it gives those noisy friends and family something to do which inevitably allows you to enjoy yourself more!

Holidays may be a time for rest and relaxation.

Are you living across the country from family and your work schedule is making it difficult to travel? Use the holidays to take some time off and recharge your batteries. Read a book or stay in your pjs to watch a movie marathon. Travel solo to a warm climate. You never know when you may have this luxury again and you will feel more energized for those holiday parties, New Year’s Eve invitations and reactivation of your online dating profile!

If the holidays make you feel blue, tell trusted friends and/or family ahead of time and plan fun activities.

When people understand what your needs are or why you are feeling a certain way, many people rise to the occasion to nurture and care for you. So don’t be shy to ask for company when you are single and unattached. Getting out of the house and having a good time when you are down is helpful and often brings back your holiday cheer.

Update your Dating Profiles – You are NOT the only Single Person Looking to Date!

If you find yourself home alone and relaxing, there is no excuse not to think about your future.  Take those new photos.  Update that profile and encourage yourself to connect with others.  The holidays are actually a good time to meet someone new and you never know what might happen!

The bottom line is that the holiday season provides you with ample opportunity for reflection, nurturing yourself and preparing yourself for the right relationship. If you can tolerate the momentary awkwardness from friends, family and colleagues you may find yourself having a great time meeting new and interesting people.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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