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Seduction in Every Day Life: Why Nice People Have More Sex

To be truly seductive in our modern age, men need to move beyond simple “tips and tricks” and truly cultivate a life that a woman would like to be a part of. Altruism, therefore, collaborates nicely with seduction as a social skill, and begins to take the focus off of doing for others to feed your ego and moves it to doing for others for the sake of the larger community.

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Why Your Dating Strategy will Help you Recover from Dating Mistakes

Whenever someone begins to take your kindness and attentiveness for granted, it is best to pull back and adjust your dating strategy. “Hot and cold” behavior comes from two places: Emotional immaturity and/or being unaware. Your reaction to the behavior can help you ascertain valuable information that will be helpful in you determining whether he is someone you should spend time dating.

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“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”

by Anthony Robbins
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