How Scot McKay and I Started Chatting about Seduction


I met Scot at the Elite Man Conference in Plymouth, Massachusetts this year.  I was immediately impressed with Scot’s presentation which went through some pretty controversial topics related to masculinity.  It was clear from our conversations and his presentation that Scot knew what women wanted and was a great teacher.  After my presentation on seduction, which many of the men were thankful that the messaging was the same, Scot approached me to be a guest on his podcast.

I never thought that I would do any work related to the topic of seduction.  However, after working with many women and also experiencing the complete lack of romance in my own dating life, I started to realize that this is an important topic to discuss.  Men and women living in urban areas have become desensitized to romance and have replaced romance, sensuality and seduction with overtly sexual behavior.   Modern women do crave to be desired and many men today seem to miss easy ways to package their interest in a sensual manner.  The consequences are not insignificant.  Missing out on the positive aspects of seduction and sensuality leads to uninspired dating.

I hope that this podcast will start a healthy conversation about what seduction really means and why it is important in all relationships.

Here is summary of what is covered in this podcast:


  • Has seduction in the true sense of the word  gone the way of chivalry…seemingly irrelevant in today’s post-modern feminist world?
  • Could confusion about this very topic be why men and women are having a harder time connecting these days on first dates?
  • What is seduction really about?  Why is it a necessary social skill?
  • Why do women constantly sabotage their romantic life and deprive themselves of romantic experiences with men?
  • What mistakes do men make in this area?
  • Practical tips and suggestions!
Dr. Rhodes speaking on seduction at the Elite Man Conference 2016
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