The Rapport Report

Figure out how what is holding you back from meeting your match in 30 days

Sometimes you may not know what is holding you back from reaching your dating and relationship goals. Do you feel like you have tried everything but are unable to figure out why you keep failing? Are you tired? Do you feel like you’re at a dead end? Are you completely over Tinder? Did you just go through a divorce and have no idea what dating skills you are good at? Hiring a consultant to do a comprehensive assessment can help you figure out what you are doing right and help move your dating life forward.

The Rapport Report is 12 hours of customized and FUN exploration of your dating life:

  • Observations of you in your natural day-to-day life
  • Interviews with you and previous partners
  • Collection of any other data which may include filling out surveys, a mock date or a practice flirting session with a coach
  • Up to 3 coaching sessions throughout the process
  • Unlimited text and email access to Dr. Rhodes and her team

All of this data is summarized into your personalized Rapport Report.


Specific and individualized recommendations are made to:

  • Assist with removing any blocks
  • Building on your dating strengths
  • Preparing you to move successfully forward toward your relationship goals

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