A Rapport Client Success Story

How to Use Online Dating to Find your Match

What Does Rapport Really Do?

Rapport starts with an initial consultation. This two-step process will lead to a brief consultation report that is aimed at giving you concrete strategies to jumpstart your dating life. Many clients, however, will move on to a process known as the Rapport Report. This process is a more thorough investigation of what is working and not working. We speak to people who know you well, talk to people you’ve dated, observe you in public, analyze the data from your online dating profile, set you up on a mock date etc… We do this because we have found that what people thinkis the problem in their dating life is often not the case.

Once we have identified what is going on, we work with your strengths to help you design the profile of the person you are looking for. Some clients will move on to matchmaking and others prefer coaching and a makeover of their online dating profile. Regardless of the modality, Rapport clients are successful when they work with Rapport continuously to explore their own reactions and talk through their experiences.

Rapport is more than an introduction.

Client Success Story

A 35-year-old woman came to Rapport after experiencing a heart wrenching break-up. She was adamant about not choosing the same type of person and was pretty sure that this man was emotionally unavailable. Through the Rapport Report process we identified that this was likely the case and highlighted her tremendous relationship strengths. We discussed her values and the importance of her religious background.

This client became a coaching and matchmaking client. While Rapport did furnish a number of options, this client also continued with online dating. From the outside, she appeared successful but she kept coming back to Rapport unsure about her feelings about a number of men. With support she decided to put what she wanted on the line with one of them. While she would be ultimately glad she did, at that time, she was upset because it caused him to run the other way. Rapport helped her understand that he had the same red flags as her previous relationships and that when she acted assertive and secure he could not handle it. Rapport helped her understand that such a man is not ready for a relationship and that since she was adamant about not wasting her time, her choice to take a chance was a good one.

Six weeks later, she reported that she was glad that things did not work out with that guy. She regrouped and followed the Rapport advice to be herself and ask for what she wants. This week, she happily reported that she is now exclusively dating a marriage minded man whom she met on Tinder. Rapport is working with her to now successfully manage the early stages of this relationship.

My client took a chance by being herself and it paid off.

How can Rapport Help you?

If you or someone you know could benefit from a dating reboot, please have them schedule a free phone consultation.

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