How Does Rapport help you utilize Online Dating Services?

As part of our initial consultation process, all clients are offered the opportunity to have a second opinion conducted on their online dating profile.  Our online dating services program begins with a consultation with our profile writer, Lydia, re-writes your dating blurb at no additional cost.  Rapport then works with Hey Saturday or other reputable photographers in your area to re-do your visual image.  Once your photos and blurb are completed, Dr. Rhodes personally works with you to teach you how to track the quality of your matches and how to make online dating work to your advantage!  We are always conscious of collecting data for you.  As a result, if your profile needs, edits, Dr. Rhodes and Lydia have a process to help you optimize your profile.

The biggest issue clients have with online dating is not understanding how prospective dates interpret their profile.  Often it only takes a few tweaks to make real change to the quality of the dates that you receive.

If you have any of the following complaints, it is time to book your full initial consultation!

  • There are no quality matches
  • Men only want sex and send too may dick pics
  • Women are flaky and do not respond
  • I do not have enough matches
  • My matches are not looking for a real relationship
  • I do not enjoy online dating anymore
Lydia Kociuba, M.S.

Lydia Kociuba, M.S.

Lead Online Dating Consultant

Lydia Kociuba, M.S. has an eclectic background in world travel, counseling, data research, and creative writing. Having lived and traveled abroad she has valuable knowledge and insight into culture and human nature. Her experiences along with her education in counseling have complemented her natural ability to be open-minded and accepting of others. As a hobby creative writer she recently began her own business writing online dating profiles. As a seasoned online dater herself she knows what it takes to have a profile stand out in a crowd.  Lydia received her masters degree in counseling from the University of Rochester, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Lydia is currently Rapport’s lead online dating consultant.  She can be reached at

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