Mary Ann and her Rapport Report

The Path to Physical and Emotional Availability


Upon starting the consultation process, Mary Ann reported that she needed to learn how “not to scare men away.” Her perception was that men were put off by her success and she wanted to learn better strategies to handle this difficulty.


Dr. Rhodes completed extensive interviews, observed her in social settings as well as on a mock date, provided an image consultation, contacted the last three dates she had for collateral information, and asked her to complete surveys on her perceptions of self and others as part of the consultation process.


Results of the consultation revealed that Mary Ann simply did not scare men away. In fact, many of the men whom Dr. Rhodes contacted wanted to know if she was still single! These high quality men simply did not believe she was interested as evidenced by her missing phone calls and not returning emails in a timely manner. Mary Ann presented as an overwhelmed professional who did not have time to date. These men, all of whom were relationship minded, simply did not take her seriously.


This fantastic woman was ignoring the emotionally available men who did not chase her down when she inappropriately neglected to return their calls and continued to choose men that were not a good fit for her emotional needs.

Dr. Rhodes worked with Mary Ann via coaching to help her organize her schedule so she could carve out time for dating. It was also recommended that she hire a virtual assistant to help her with being overwhelmed by her hectic work schedule.

After receiving her Rapport Report with the summary and recommendations, Mary Ann quickly changed her behavior and has been in a long term relationship which has now led to marriage! Her insight into her own behavior helped her feel that dating and relationships were less mysterious and more manageable. Mary Ann also worked in coaching to learn how to ask for what she wanted, how to discuss issues related to marriage and to set limits with a man who could easily be classified as having a wild past. Her level of confidence sky rocketed and it is no doubt that this led to a deepening of her long term relationship.  Mary Ann has been married since 2015 to the man she found immediately after completing the Rapport Report process.

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