Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon

Lead Social Dance Consultant & Coach

Juan Calderon studied Business Management at Seton Hall University. One semester, while needing to take a break from preparing for his final exams, he made the decision to go out dancing as a means to relax and take his mind off the stress and pressures of exam-time. Juan fell for the music, for the dancing, fell madly, deeply in love with the CONNECTION.

For the next 20+ years, Juan dedicated himself to studying, searching, and finally finding and becoming an expert of this CONNECTION. After being the recipient of four lifetime achievement awards by the top latin dance conventions in the USA and an internationally selling DVD that sold on Walmart, Barnes & Nobles, Target and even Netflix and Amazon, Juan realized that the connection techniques and principles that he had mastered on the dance-floor applied just as readily to other fields including Dating Bliss, Career Development and the Pursuit of General Happiness.

Juan is available to Rapport clients for private dance instruction as well as co-coaching with Dr. Rhodes. Juan and Dr. Rhodes often work as a team to help both men and women develop the connection skills needed for dating and relationships.

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