As an image consultant, I am met with a lot of push back from potential and current clients when we begin to discuss his or her dating wardrobe.  What I think is often one of the most fun aspects of what we do at Rapport, the process can actually be very anxiety provoking.  I completely understand.  My own personal transformation as a professional in this world was not without my own share of defensiveness, questioning & rationalization.  “I look great in black,” has definitely left my mouth on more than one occasion!  While black does look great, I have learned NOT to wear it on a date!

Sine this process really is a journey, I would like to share with you three tips that changed my dating life and I love to pass on to clients.

1.  You are not your clothes but your clothes reflect who you are (or who others think you are).  Not paying attention to what you are wearing is asking for trouble in your dating life.  Personal style has nothing to do with a price tag.  It is an expression of who you are.  If you want to attract someone who aligns with your personal values of fun and exploration, choose attire that reflects that side of yourself.  Adding color to your outfit is the easiest way to begin to achieve this goal.

2.  Do not wear black on a first date. It is simple as that.  Black repels people. It is great for asserting authority at work but not great at conveying fun on a date.  It will also will not leave a memorable impression.

3.  If all else fails, put on a fabulous pair of shoes.  Often it is overwhelming to re-do a wardrobe without professional guidance.  For both men and women, shoes makes a difference.  Even a pair of sneakers can look amazing when they are chosen with care and are clean.    For women, shoes are often where we can add a little bit of our personality and where we feel comfortable adding color.  While not new information, research has shown that men are attracted to women in heels.  Gentlemen, women are also known to look at men’s shoes on a regular basis.  Do not miss this detail.    Just ask my grandmother about she used to remember who was who by asking what shoes he wore on the date!

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