The key to human relationships is ultimately appreciating the character strength in others. – Science of Character

In this day and age, more and more information about dating and how to attract the “right partner” is shared.  We are training men and women to respond to another person’s behavior regardless of what the reality of the current situation is.  We discuss compatibility and many of us believe in the concept of a soulmate. We believe that if we just meet the right person, life will be simply wonderful!

What is a personal value?

Personal values are our core beliefs, values, and philosophies that we hold about life and the world around us.  Research has identified 24 cross-cultural values that we can identify as core strengths.  To learn more about your own personal values, take the Personal Values survey. 

Character Strength Word Infographic

Dating and our personal values

For some people, finding a soulmate does happen.  For the majority of people, it is a journey of discovery. We need time to figure out what we like, what we do not like and ultimately, who we are as a person.  All of us have an individual personality that ultimately values some things over others.  Since 2004, with the publication of Peterson and Seligman’s book,  Character strengths and virtues: A handbook and classificationresearchers have discovered that focusing on strengths simply makes us a better person and allows us to navigate the world more easily.

Knowing your personal values can help you make better life choices, including choices in your dating life.

Need more information or not convinced?  Check out this video about building character.

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