Breakup Services

Breakups can be a very challenging process to navigate.  Whether your are just starting to think about a breakup or it has recently happened, the Rapport team is available to assist you through every stage of this process in a supportive manner.  We are able to personalize a package that can range from moving your ex’s stuff out of your apartment to cleaning up your social media pages and sending notes to friends and family about the break up.  At Rapport we do not believe that you need to go through this process alone.

For those in an acute need, Rapport is able to respond to your requests within 24 hours and is able to accommodate your needs during the evening and on weekends.

To schedule your initial consultation, please call us at 646.952.3715 or email Dr. Rhodes at

For more information, take a look at our Breakup Resources or our tips as mentioned in Elite Daily for surviving a breakup.

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