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Do People Who Believe in Soulmates Really Ghost More?

In January 2018 a research article entitled, “Ghosting and Destiny” was published indicating that those people who believe in the concept of a soulmate where more likely to endorse ghosting as a means of ending a relationship.  Conventional dating advice often warns against the idea of believing in soulmates as many people have come to believe that this represents a lack of growth in an otherwise healthy relationship.

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Energy Vampires and Compassion: Protecting Oneself without Judging Others

Energy vampires are not pleasant people.  They are, however, our greatest teachers and the people who probably need the most compassion.  But it is not the job of an empath to take care of them.  On the contrary, it is the job of the empath to fight like hell to heal so that his or her authentic voice can be heard when they set their firm boundaries with loving kindness.  

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Tips to Cope with Dating Anxiety

When you are someone who is living with anxiety, sometimes the simplest tasks can seem like an insurmountable challenge. You might fixate on something you said in a conversation that the other person probably didn’t think twice about, or you may immediately go to the worst-case scenario when you hit a bump in the road…

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“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”

by Anthony Robbins
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