The Development of Rapport

Relationships are all about Perception

Since college I have studied all kinds of human relationships.  I have studied the teacher-student relationship.  I studied the parent-child relationship.  I studied friendships and the bond between foster parents and biological parents.  As a psychologist, I have been trained by top researchers and clinicians in the assessment and interventions used in my field to help people achieve the level of relationship satisfaction they desire and long for.  What I have learned and have trained students and my clients on is that often it is not the observable relationship that is the problem, it is your perception of that relationship.

So many our our wonderful clients have grown tired, frustrated, and wary of any type of dating.  They are burnt out, over dating and say they are content on living as a single person.  All of our clients are longing for a deeper connection with the people they are meeting and struggling to find a way to use technology to meet their goals.

Founding Rapport

Rapport was founded based on the experience of watching adults in various relationships struggle to understand why they chose who they chose and wanting a deeper and more sophisticated understanding to help stop the merry-go-round of dating and relationships. It is steeped in the idea that we all make mistakes, but it is not avoiding the mistake that is important, it is how we recover and move forward that matters most.  Rapport strives to work with those whom value relationships and want to work towards finding and keeping healthy partnerships.  We work with our client to change perceptions about dating and relationships.

Our Mission

Rapport’s mission is to bring people together to develop a loving and high quality relationship in which each individual may prosper and thrive.

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