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All over the world ambitious women are told they are too smart, too successful, and too intimidating to have a real relationship. Rapport is for the woman who knows what she wants and believes that a good relationship is part of her recipe for success.

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Dr. Jennifer Rhodes

Dr. Jennifer Rhodes


The Rapport Report: Personal Image & Dating Consultation

The Rapport Report is the culmination of a unique consultation process aimed at jumpstarting your dating life, building on your strengths and tweaking your dating skills.  Most successful women are unaware of what is actually keeping them single. Find out in 30 days how to date for what you want.

Date Coaching in New York City & San Francisco

Women who walk the talk and are brave enough to take a closer look at their dating life are more successful than any matchmaking client. 90% of Rapport’s current coaching clients are in new relationships in less than 6 months.

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Comments from Raving Fans

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I am forever thankful for the impact Dr. Jennie has had on my life and relationships.

The concept of a dating psychologist was a novel idea for me. I didn’t think I needed any help until Dr. Jennie took me on a 3 month journey to learn about my true authentic self, my desires, flaws, healthy and unhealthy patterns, and of course, the opposite sex. She did an in-depth analysis of past and current behaviors, her exploration into my psyche and personality, as well as an analysis of my projected image, family history and social history. She discovered things about me that required her expertise; otherwise, I probably would have lived in ignorance for years. She showed me how to enhance the good and to eliminate the bad.

This is the kind of medicine that lasts a lifetime! Thank you, Dr. Jennie!

Mary Ann

Medical Doctor, Currently Engaged

I wanted you to know that Tom and I are now engaged. We owe a large part of this to you. It was our meetings with you that helped change the roller coaster we were on. Thank you so very much for all that you did for us. We are both very appreciative and so very happy.


Business, Currently Engaged

Thank you so much for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I would never have dated the guy we talked about a few weeks ago seriously until you encouraged me to ask more questions about the mother of his children and see how he responds. I’m now in a great relationship with a good guy!


Business, Dating Exclusively