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Rapport Client Love

“I am forever thankful for the impact Dr. Jennie has had on my life and relationships.”

The concept of a dating psychologist was a novel idea for me. I didn’t think I needed any help until Dr. Jennie took me on a 3 month journey to learn about my true authentic self, my desires, flaws, healthy and unhealthy patterns, and of course, the opposite sex. She did an in-depth analysis of past and current behaviors, her exploration into my psyche and personality, as well as an analysis of my projected image, family history and social history. She discovered things about me that required her expertise; otherwise, I probably would have lived in ignorance for years. She showed me how to enhance the good and to eliminate the bad. This is the kind of medicine that lasts a lifetime! Thank you, Dr. Jennie! Mary Ann

Medical Doctor, Currently Engaged

“We are both very appreciative and so very happy.”

I wanted you to know that Tom and I are now engaged. We owe a large part of this to you. It was our meetings with you that helped change the roller coaster we were on. Thank you so very much for all that you did for us. Amanda

Business, Currently Engaged

“I am extremely happy in a beautiful, caring, supporting relationship with a wonderful, gorgeous, and inspirational woman.”

Before I began my work with Rapport Relationships, I was a wildly insecure, and constantly anxious filmmaker, with a severe case of creativity block. Having had just one too many bad experiences with romance, I took a shot in the dark and called Rapport after a google search. In the first two months, we had brought many of the external factors of my insecurities to light, and began working on them. I found my romantic life becoming better day by day, however, we had barely even scratched the surface. Jennifer and Juan brought me into an aggressive battle against my fears, anxieties, and self doubt. The process eventually became more about me becoming the best version of me that I could be. I found myself picking up new hobbies, enjoying things that I never would have even thought to try, and even convinced me to pursue things that I had only daydreamed about as a child. Then I began to notice my creativity was increasing, my exercise more consistent, and my confidence at a new level. Today I find myself breezing through multiple scripts with no issue, having better relationships with my friends. Despite this, I still look forward to my consultations with Jennifer and Juan, as they have become more than counselors, they’ve become the friends who will tell me what I really need to hear, not what I want to hear, and they’ve led me on an adventurous path, one I hope to continue. Jackson


“And that is a skill that makes me trust her with personal matters.’

Dr. Rhodes brings savvy to her role in her ability to individualize her client’s needs. There are no generalizations like you see elsewhere in social media, or from over-the-top pickup artists, or with best selling books. Dr. Rhodes provides an action plan that goes to the heart of her clients’ areas of improvement. While Dr. Rhodes has a variety of skills — including personal style guidance — she also enlists a great group of contacts when needed (from local photographers to dating locale specialists). What impresses me the most is how in tune she is about what I’m looking for in a woman and what steps I need to take in my dating life — she simply “gets it right”. I don’t have to say too much for our thoughts to click. Jeffery

Business, Casually Dating

“I am so appreciative. I have learned so much”

Seriously this was the most value for the money I have received in such a long time with almost any service I’ve received. Kate

Full Dating Strategy Session

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Rhodes

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Jennifer B. Rhodes, PsyD is a licensed psychologist, dating coach, image consultant and founder of Rapport, A Boutique Relationships Agency, LLC. Dr. Rhodes’ passion for helping adults find and sustain healthy, long lasting relationships developed out of her private practice where she has helped many divorced couples successfully move on to healthy co-parenting relationships and lay the foundation for new romantic relationships to develop. Dr. Rhodes currently provides dating coaching, consultation and matchmaking services utilizing relationship science and Positive Psychology Coaching research to encourage singles to make more informed dating choices. She has presented extensively on issues related to attachment, dating fatigue, dating anxiety and the intersection between entitlement and partner selection. Dr. Rhodes also consults with Bay Area online dating start-ups on the psychology of dating.

Dr. Rhodes received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Yeshiva University in 2008. She completed an APA accredited internship and her post-doctoral fellowship in Infant and Preschool Mental Health at Tulane University Medical School. Prior to the completion of her degree, Dr. Rhodes trained at the top New York training hospitals in both child and adult clinical psychology. Dr. Rhodes also received post-doctoral training in forensic psychology at the Institute for Violence, Abuse and Trauma. Dr. Rhodes has presented to academic audiences on the assessment of parent-child relationships in the context of custody disputes with allegations of abuse and trauma.

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