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Rapport hosts workshops, webinars, lectures and various social events throughout the year. Topics range from dating fatigue, red flags, speed dating, and meet and greets. Please consider attending as a way to get to know Dr. Rhodes and the Rapport philosophy!

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Dating/relationship coaching is a future oriented process of discovering and refining one’s dating and relationship goals. Through the use of positive psychology we can collect data, track your progress and meet your dating goals.

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Hiring a matchmaker should be like hiring a very knowledgeable head hunter for love. Rapport takes matchmaking very seriously and believes that you need to be ready, open and willing to work collaboratively for this process to be successful.

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2011.08.18HS_JenniferRhodesRapport is a full service relationship agency specializing in comprehensive dating/relationship coaching, consultation and matchmaking. Our mission is to bring people together to develop a loving and high quality relationship in which each individual may prosper and thrive. We provide our services in an intimate and sophisticated environment to help cultivate a culture that decreases anxiety around finding the “perfect” match and increase enjoyment, fulfillment and resilience in the process of meeting a person and in sustaining a high quality relationship.

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The experience went above and beyond what I expected. – Female, late 30s

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